Team Diary | Shea: How Almost Famous Changed Everything.

1 Sep

“I don’t invent the rainy day,  I just own the biggest umbrella.”

This film and that line has been my inspiration since that first time I watched Almost Famous back during my days at music college.

During one of those “Eek I can’t believe I’ve left everything to the last moment” moments I remember getting a text – Almost Famous on Channel 4 right now, I think you’ll love it. I loved it.

I loved the determination and truth William Miller, the 15-yr old wonder kid, had for the music industry. I loved the romance of rock ‘n roll bands most of us only can only (wet) dream about. Oh and it was the first time I met eyes with Zoe Deschanel! From that night on Almost Famous and a glass of red has always been my secret weapon when motivation lacks. You not seen the film? You’re an idiot. Check out the trailer below and go rent it asap!


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