Rough Trade Bosses Asks Twitter – Where Should We Open A New Store?

4 Sep

One of London’s leading independent record shops is currently looking to expand it’s chain and from the looks of things, Dublin is the city of choice!

Rough Trade East is one of the best music stores i’ve ever visited.  The iconic record store was initially founded in West London by Geoff Travis back in the late 70’s as he wanted to stock music that was overlooked by the high street chains.  When Travis focused his attention onto the now legendary Rough Trade Label (The Smiths, Stiff Little Fingers and more recently The Strokes and Libertines), the shop and record company parted ways but shared both the distinct name and logo.

Rough Trade still have a shop in West London but they opened a second much larger branch in the trendy area of Brick Lane in East London.  This store has set the standard of how others should be run and can definitely teach HMV a thing or two.  Rough Trade East has a cafe, a great book collection of music, vinyl sections and most impressively a stage where every band that’s considered indie cool has played.

Now Stephen Godfroy, who tweets by the username @roughidea, has asked twitterville where their next location should be. With a list of  17 possibilities music lovers are voting for Dublin with an overall majority of 27% of the votes. This would be quite a boost to music fans in the city with Road Records closed down earlier this year.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything new!!!


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