What is iTunes Ping?

6 Sep

Amongst announcing a revamp in all areas of the Apple family, iTunes 10 will now be adopting a new music-focused social networking platform called Ping. A quick tour of Ping from Technica does show a lot of promise at face value, but some features are still too confusing leaving a lot of room for improvement.

Despite many people complaining about its non-user friendly interface and social sites such as Facebook closing its doors, this new platform from Apple will be great for marketing music. The first issue regards the artists using iTunes to sell the music and wanting to create a profile for Ping to get some extra exposure. Great news, right? Wrong. This artist feature is by Invitation Only.

A spokesperson from Apple said that “artist profiles were launched by invitation, but we’ll keep adding more and more. Any iTunes user can create a profile on Ping, artist or otherwise.”

This is a huge disappointment. While we watch Myspace die a slow death, there is  no other music platform stepping out to take its place as a hub for checking out new and exiting artists.

During Steve Jobs’ presentation of Ping, a small segment showed an ability to find friends through Facebook Connect. It’s unclear to tell if this is a conflict of two internet power houses or just an oversight, but Steve Jobs hinted at a disagreement with what he calls “Onerous” terms after talks with All Things Digital.

It should be stressed though, things like this take time to perfect. With 1 million users signing up in the first 48 hours and because it is integrated with the iTunes app, I am sure Ping will make an impact on how music markets itself in the future.


2 Responses to “What is iTunes Ping?”


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