Every Little DOES Help.

7 Sep

Tesco, the global-branded UK-based supermarket is once again stepping up its emergence as a key player in the entertainment industry after it was announced that Girl’s Aloud singer Nadine Coyle will exclusivly distribute her debut album through over 1,200 Tesco stores in the UK and Ireland.

This comes during a time whereby increasingly more artists are looking at gaining maximum control over the music they produce and how it can be fed to the consumers. Coyle was one; “To be able to create an album where you are in complete creative control and to work with people as supportive, powerful and forward thinking as Tesco is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an artist,” she stated.

Coyle follows artists including Simply Red and Faithless who have followed this model of exclusively distributing physical releases through Tesco.

Whether or not this turns out in Nadine Coyle’s favour remains to be seen. However, as conventional record label models become less attractive and with the sheer marketing power of Tesco – you have to think she couldn’t be any worse off? It certainly wasn’t a bad route for Faithless, who after agreeing the deal with Tesco two years ago, saw their album chart at No.2.


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