FFWD & Belfast Music Week – Government and Council Invests in NI Music Industry

7 Sep

When I came home from London (not through my own choice) I wasn’t really surprised to find that there were no jobs going in the music industry of Northern Ireland.  One of the positives in this situation however is that the Government and Councils have started to notice this.  

FFWD, a programme set up to ‘accelerate the development of the NI Music Industry’, have began offering seminars and mentoring advice for anybody keen to work in the biz.  Belfast City Council have also showed their support in the industry by launching Belfast Music Week with the help of MTV.  A full week of events will be held in venues all across the city, including local bands and an international headline act, Mark Ronson.  The council hope to make this a yearly event and there are also rumours that they are attempting to lure the MTV European Music Awards to the city.  More importantly for us, as (hopeful) industry professionals, the council have teamed up with FFWD to run a week full of FREE seminars in a wide range of fascinating areas..

I’ve usually been quick to criticise the likes of the local government in the past but this move is one that’s much-needed.  For such a small country, we’ve recently been on a roll producing the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and General Fiasco, so it’s about time people got to know about the talent here.  With initiatives like this, we can expect to actually find and develop acts in N.Ireland rather than our best bands going abroad to get signed.

Belfast Music Week runs from Sunday the 12th to the 19th of September

For all music gig listings click here
For all industry seminars click here


2 Responses to “FFWD & Belfast Music Week – Government and Council Invests in NI Music Industry”

  1. Shea Warnes September 7, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    Hopefully this will set an example for the various territories and countries that are not very well spoken for all over the world.

    I think if MTV Europe was held in NI that would be brilliant, but I doubt it would happen.

    • Matt Agnew September 7, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

      rumours quite strong, think it’s already been discussed and just hasn’t been officially announced yet. it’s already been in dublin, liverpool, london and edinburgh so i think its quite likely to happen maybe in 2011.

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