Lexus’ music video: If cars could play drums

9 Sep

Mom was always telling you to keep it down.  But in a non-descript hangar somewhere, a professional driver, film crew and a team of audio specialists and engineers were recently cranking it up.  After all, playing 122 different drums using only a moving Lexus can be a noisy affair, especially when lots of screeching, crashing (of cymbals), and remote pedal-tapping is going on (see below). 

The resulting “Music Track” spot is part of a much larger marketing stab by Lexus, one focused on precision.  “We wanted to create a dynamic way to illustrate the IS’s agility on the road,” relayed Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus.

And of course, the marketing blitz also involves music – and that includes a plum advertising slot with Pandora (more details ahead).  Outside of that, the new IS could be hard to miss, thanks to partnerships involving the NFL, YouTube, Yahoo, C|Net, and Esquire, among others.  Now, about that price tag…  


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