MTV and You

17 Sep

Yesterday, as part of Belfast Music Week, I attended a free seminar entitled ‘MTV and You’ and the chief of events in MTV UK kindly spoke to the room about the future of MTV and it’s effects on us as an industry in Northern Ireland.

Although the speaker came across very well, I can’t exactly say the same for the company he works for.

The good news was that he announced that Belfast is the front-runner to host next years EMA’s but this clearly isn’t a done deal as its main competition is Paris! (uh ohhh!).  He also discussed MTV becoming an entertainment company (rather than just focusing on music).  I do not know how he could have put a good angle on this especially when he was talking to a room full of music enthusiasts.  He also added that MTV were moving away from reality shows to more serious drama’s (big whoop!).

Another route he went down was to mention their support for new and up and coming artists, however it was this point that really pissed me off.  To find their ‘new artists’ they would go to the major labels and their subsidiaries to ask them for suggestions, therefore we would get acts that were already going to get massive exposure anyway due to their labels (a round of applause for MTV!).  I honestly found that MTV were not interested in discovering new music themselves but jumping on the bandwagon of whats already guaranteed to be successful.  He mentioned the likes of Tinie Tempah as a new artist they backed….. really?  In the situation of Tinie, he had numerous videos on Channel U and therefore already had a fan base and this lead to him being signed to Parlophone.  By the time ‘pass out’ was released as a single, it was one of the songs of the year and it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was going to be a big star of 2010.

MTV own 8 music channels (not including MTV+1 channels), do they really need so many episodes of ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘The Hills’ throughout the day?? MTV could be doing a lot more for the music industry and with the amount of time it has available on digital TV we should be getting more value for our money.


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