MySpace’s desperate makeover: Project Futura – Oct 15th

18 Sep

It’s no secret MySpace has been going downhill for quite sometime now. In December 2008 MySpace had 125 million unique visitors and 43 billion page views. Today they have 95 million unique worldwide monthly visitors and just 12 billion page views.

The ambitious re-designed MySpace is one last stand at trying to get users excited about MySpace again. Those glory days of some 5 years ago has long been a distant memory which now sees Facebook happily crown itself the dominant social media platform with almost double the amount of users.

Futura, the internal project name, expects to launch October 15 with a completely brand-spanking new interface. Features will include a neater and a more simplistic interface, with a focus on the activity stream – very much like Facebook. Many of the new features will be borrowed from a project Remaking MySpace Project  which got terminated earlier this year after CEO Owen Van Natta left the company.

Is this going to be enough to revive MySpace?


3 Responses to “MySpace’s desperate makeover: Project Futura – Oct 15th”

  1. Matt Agnew September 18, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    deleted my myspace account today actually!!


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