Mircosoft’s Zune is coming to Europe

27 Sep


Ok, so I lay down this challenge. How many MP3 players (mobile/cell phones excluded) can you think of? Apple!? Anddd.. Umm… Erghhh. It’s worrying the lack of competition available. hopefully when cloud lockers are a stable part of music’s future Sony will build a streaming-based mp3 player! Chop chop! *Straightens the imaginable tie* Back to Zune:

Microsoft is expanding its Zune music and movie download service to Europe, betting that the continent’s more than 10 million users of the company’s Xbox games console will help it compete with Apple. Aimed at users of Windows computers, Xbox consoles, and smart-phones equipped with the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system, Zune will be available in the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, and Spain this fall.

Editor’s Note: If Sony/PS3 & Microsoft/Xbox as well as Google which will in no doubt partner with Android, Apple’s dominance in the digital music market might finally be under threat. Stocks in Apple!? Might be a good time to sell.


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