Vevo vs. MTV

28 Sep

Vevo has been creeping up on all unsuspecting online music video lovers since launching in 2009, providing an alternative viewing platform to YouTube to generate more revenue for its content owners.  MTV Networks proudly trotted out industry-leading internet audience figures for August, thanks to an advertising alliance with Vevo holdout Warner Music Group.  But Vevo says its music video traffic is bigger – measured apples-to-apples, that is.  Now, Vevo is bringing the heat to an old turf for MTV: the traditional tube.

So grab another bucket of popcorn, because this rivalry keeps getting better.

The initial TV entry point for Vevo will come from set-top boxes and internet-connected devices.  “We’re partnering with the leading manufacturers, and the people who make the boxes that go around them,” Vevo chief Rio Caraeff told the New York Post.  

Ultimately, Vevo is aiming to have a dedicated channel, one that will compete with Fuse, MTV Hits, and others.  So far, carriage deals with cable and satellite providers are not in place – and who knows where negotiations stand – though Caraeff is looking to bring a potent blend of videos, live programming, and archives to whatever stations he lands. 

I don’t think this is a smart idea from Vevo. Maybe its part of the bigger picture – building brand awareness – but MTV and the various other music channels that have come as quickly as they have went are no more for a reason.


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