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5 great digital services to listen to free music

31 Oct

With all this talk about piracy and all it is surprising knowing how few of us know about the legal alternatives!

So stop using YouTube as your source for terrible quality and slow loading times and have a play with these:

GrooveShark – This is easy as it gets for listening to any music!

TheSixtyOne – I really like this player. It plays music you will like depending on the mood or what’s trending.

Pandora – The best Internet radio player out there! It’s so good Ford is having the service installed in to all of their new models. – lets you effortlessly keep a record of what you listen to from any player. Based on your taste, recommends you more music.

We7 – is a music destination where you can listen to, share and discover music for FREE, legally and safely.

Enjoy music without the viruses or crap quality!


New Music: Bear Hands | Crime Pays

30 Oct

This Brooklyn four-tet have an amazing sound! They have all the right elements in place; sweet bass lines, solid drumming, catchy hooks and vocals to match. This song is definitely for those early morning walks as we enter in to November! How time flies right? Listen to Bear Hands – Crime Pays below! Enjoy guys. 

Bear Hands | Cantora Records


Why Spotify is being denied in the US: A matter of pride?

30 Oct

Kyle, from Hypebot, wrote a great piece suggesting that the state of the music industry is not simply a result of illegal file sharing, but also the actions taken on behalf of the labels. In the article he goes on to speak about how we all like to point the finger at piracy for “crippling” the music business, not letting the industry develop and flourish like it would in an ideal world. True, but maybe we should also take a look at the greedy labels too? I want to expand on his thoughts:

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Anonymous wages all-out war on RIAA: Operation Payback

29 Oct







Anomynous, the hacktivist group intent on bringing down any regulating body that apposes piracy, has announced a full out attack on the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA)! I have been very vocal about my dissatisfaction towards the RIAA, but even I think this attack is going too far…

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New Music: The Berg Sans Nipple | Change The Shape

29 Oct

So this track is nowhere to be found online – had to SoundCloud this! So be privileged. The group has a really funky sound very similar to if Sebastien Tellier went indie. The beautiful bass lines and beats drive this song so damn well.

The duo consists of a suave Frenchman from the dirty rues of gay Parieee and a lanky Scandinavian-looking fellow who actually hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska. Listen to The Berg Sans Nipple – Change The Shape here!!!

The Berg Sans Nipple | Big Beat Records

New Crowd Sourced Viral Video: One frame of fame

28 Oct

I saw this post and thought the concept is amazing! C-mon & Kypski has teamed up with a pair of designers and created a really interesting and unique music video. Fans can go to the site – select individual frames of the video – reshoot with their own pose with their webcam and upload the replacement image. where their webcam lets them create a pose which then gets uploaded to the video. The video is refreshed every hour. Check it out!!!

So far 24,000 fans have posted their pose! Upload yours at OneFrameofFame

New Music: Frederik Teige | Elevate

28 Oct

Looks like the Danish are really packing an audible punch this year! First Oh Land now Frederik Teige!? Not one for the descriptions, but its probably a song you’d hear in a film like ‘Into The Wild’ – one of my top films ever! Getting back on track, I am planning to keep an eye on the Scandinavians as they always produce solid music but somehow always lay under the radar?! Hopefully those days are changing.

Frederik Teige | Paper Garden Records

Limewire to shut down

28 Oct

A federal judge has ordered Limewire to shut down “the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality” of it’s  P2P file sharing software. This is a great day according to the  RIAA – another step in the right direction. I don’t think its going to change anything or create a sudden anti-piracy movement. To be honest, I’m suprised people still use Limewire considering how easy torrents are these day. Guess some kids out there are very nostalgic with their technology.

Today LimeWire issued an interesting official statement on this legal development:

“While this is not our ideal path, we hope to work with the music industry in moving forward.  We look forward to embracing necessary changes and collaborating with the entire music industry in the future.” – LimeWire Spokesperson.

An important point of clarification, LimeWire is not “shutting down”, in specific regarding our software, we are compelled to use our best efforts cease support and distribution of the file-sharing software, along with increased filtering.  And, that is what we are doing.

New Music: Oh Land | Son of a Gun

27 Oct

During the first night at CMJ Oh Land happened to grace the stage in front of me. The light electro-pop sounds comes courtesy from the beautiful and talented Nanna Øland Fabricius by way of Copenhagen, Denmark. Word from the street is this will be Sony’s big push next year!

Sounds like: Lykke Li

Oh Land | Sony Music Entertainment

For UK Users…


How bands can make money

26 Oct

I recently read on that from music licensing to online collaboration to becoming sponsored on a torrent site, these are all real ways that bands can make money online without the help of a major label. Here is a look at the services but click over to get more insight:

Jingle Punks is a music licensing company that specializes in providing pre-cleared music for use in various media productions.

Indaba Music is an online collaboration tool that enables musicians to team up across the globe and also work on commerical projects.

YouTube’s Musicians Wanted Program enables musicians to earn money from advertising that runs before and during videos.

BitTorrent Featured Artist Program spotlights artists and gives them instant global distrobution and exposure to new audiences.

TheTapMusic helps network artists and brands to offer exciting licensing opportunities with big brands

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