Why hotels should get on board

20 Oct

Our company is very close to launch with some final tweaks being put in to place. In an attempt to get things running as smooth as possible before BETA testing, many different bodies have walked through our office doors to offer their advice as well tennising (I made that word up) ideas around. The characters vary in stature and expertise, but all have their own stories of how they got to where they are or how they are making it happen. SEO specialists, singer songwriters, managers of rock legends such as KISS, record store owners, music consultants and even model-aspiring Israeli sisters have came  in to have a chat (that’s another story for another time).

All these visits have been a huge help molding our platform, but its their experiences which is what has blown me away. Everyone knows that the music industry is in tatters, desperate to clamber back to the great heights it once was. Many small entrepreneurial companies have led the way and thankfully slapped these majors round the face to accepting the new playing field for doing business.

I will be sharing these stories on a regular basis of others doing something a bit different. One that stands out is the beautiful Mary C. A talented soul/jazz singer working the New York circuit. Recently through friends she managed to get hooked up with the Marriott to play a series of shows at selected Marriott Hotels. Which started off as a small banner ad promoting one show has developed in to a full scale tour. But that is it. This got me thinking…

Why don’t hotels adopt the Starbucks models!? It makes so much sense! Wealthy demographics with huge disposable incomes at the industry’s disposal. Play the music in the main lobby, restaurant and the restrooms, put the album out on display on the counter and own exclusive distribution rights to the music! Hey Presto!


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