Sony discontinues The Walkman

25 Oct

I didn’t think they were still in production either, but it is true. Sony has announced retirement The Walkman.

More than 30 years after its unveiling in 1979 and after selling 220 million of them, Sony have stopped production in Japan and expect the last batch of the cassette Walkman to be sold out for good soon.

A spokesman for Sony said: “There is still demand in certain regions, including emerging markets, but in Japan there has been a shift to other forms of recording media.

“But there is still residual demand for tape players and while we are phasing out the tape version of the Walkman here [in Japan], tape as a format is still around and we will continue to sell tape decks for as long as the market is there.”

Feeling Nostalgic: Here was my first ever Walkman. R.I.P.


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