Anonymous wages all-out war on RIAA: Operation Payback

29 Oct







Anomynous, the hacktivist group intent on bringing down any regulating body that apposes piracy, has announced a full out attack on the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA)! I have been very vocal about my dissatisfaction towards the RIAA, but even I think this attack is going too far…

As previously posted, LimeWire was forced to shut down shop after a court-ordered injunction to close LimeWire down. In retaliation for the RIAA’s involvement in the Limewire shutdown, Anonymous has announced another DDoS attack on the organizations website, with a few added bonuses.

The following announcement was posted on Operation Payback’s website:

“To our fellow Anons, /b/retheren, and to the internet as a whole:

Limewire has been shut down by the RIAA.

We cannot ignore this.

They have f***** us over far too many times

If Limewire is gone today,

What’s stopping Demonoid from going tomorrow?

Or The Pirate Bay from being targeted the day after?

Or HDbits?

What’s stopping them from abusing their powers?

A private entity should not have control over the freedom of information.

When does this stop?

Anonymous says it stops right now.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use Limewire.

Be against censorship.

Be against private corporations having more rights than the average citizen.

Be against the massive power of copyright labels”.

The attack on is scheduled for tomorrow, the 29th of October at 4PM EST. Unlike the last time however, Anonymous is not limiting the activities to cyber pranks. The group has published the address and phone numbers for the RIAA offices as well as the personal information for the CEO and his wife. The instructions for the mission recommend prank calls and black faxes “for maximum lulz and Payback”, as well as pizza delivery orders and getting “creative”.

Until now I’ve been getting quite a bit of amusement from these Operation Payback battles, but I can’t quite get on board with the inclusion of the CEO’s home and family. That’s just too far for me. I hope that future attacks don’t start going more in that direction.


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