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New Music: Ellie Goulding | Your Song

30 Nov

It’s track for this Christmas’ John Lewis commercial and deffinately my song this Xmas.

Ellie Goulding | Polydor


How do you make a music video go viral?

29 Nov

This post comes inspired by Mashable. It is quite a lengthy post so let me break it down at Guerrilla & Chalk.

So we all know video killed the radio star and then got an axe to the back its head by the internet, but how can we become internet music stars? I have had a few ideas in the past such at real-time, but there are 10 more examples below!

“Distribution is going through a massive upheaval,” says Fred Santarpia, general manager of Vevo. “Cable TV is not the primary paradigm for the format. Rather, tens of millions of fans actively seek out and share their favorite music videos online each month, and with the explosion of the video-enabled smartphone market, we at Vevo believe that music videos will go viral even faster than they do today as more fans turn to the screen in their hand to discover new music.”

The world-wide web gives us a beautiful sea of opportunities for users to surf away and find quality content – your content. Traditional music videos accessed through Mtv were a lot less democratic in the past needing to clear many hoops before potential fans could check out your visual master piece. But now, no sir! Go nuts with your ideas, be imaginative and captivating with your content and go viral!

So here you go… 10 great and funny ideas for your next wicked-cool music video!

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The ugliest artists in the music industry! Lady Gaga and more…

28 Nov

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Discuss: What if Facebook was a book?

27 Nov

Cool concept? Realistic concept?

PostSecrets: A collection of music related Post Secrets

26 Nov

I am not sure if how many of you know about, especially if British, but All American Rejects’ Dirty Little Secret is all about it!  It’s basically an exciting way to vent the dark secrets we all lock-up deep inside ourselves. confessions on a postcard anonymously sent to an address with many of them being posted on the blog. Check out some related around music!

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Site of the Week: The Sixty One

26 Nov

There have been so many websites springing up enabling users to check out cool new music! The big problem for most though is, simply, no one knows of them. So let me shoot away with G & C’s Site of the Week:

The Sixty One

The Sixty One is a different kind of music platform from most. Beautifully displayed, music is selected by what is currently trending instead of a typical search and play model. In fact, the site is so unique and easy to navigate it won the Mashable Design Award. Worth a look surely? Click here

Pro: No Adverts!? Great Music!

Cons: Lack of Search. Very Limited.

Industry: Guitar Hero being sued $20m by Axl Rose

25 Nov

Axl Rose even hates the cartoon version of Slash. The Guns N’ Roses frontman is suing the makers of Guitar Hero for $20m (£12.6m), claiming they “spun a web of lies and deception” by including an animated Slash in the video-game version of his band. Slash left the group in 1996.

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Industry: Beatles top 450k on iTunes already!

25 Nov

The Beatles back catalogue was released on Tuesday on iTunes and so far it seems to be a pretty, pretty, pretttty good hit! Over 450,000 albums and 2m+ individual tracks have already been sold world-wide with “Abbey Road” being the best-selling album and “Here Comes the Sun” being the best-selling track. Not bad for a bunch of Scousers!

Video: Grum | Through The Night

25 Nov

So guys, take 5 minutes out of your day and watch this video! It’s funny, wonderfully 80’s and drops so so sooo good!

Rank photo alert:

New Music: Fez | My Teeth

24 Nov

London based indie-quartet Fez are turning heads. Being picked up by BBC introducing and Victoria’s Secret the catchy melodies and laddish hooks is a refreshing break from the synth and art-core sounds invading our ears of recent. Appreciate this under-produced, underground tune, I bet you won’t help singing along in your head by the end of it!

Fez | Hot Light E.P. | Unsigned


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