Mashable’s best music website design award: The Sixty One

1 Nov

Mashable, the popular tech-savvy blog, named The Sixty One as their best music site for web design. With so many emerging sites for listening to music it is difficult to distinguish one site from another. has managed this with a different kind of listening experience. Here is what mashable had to say:

“When it comes to consuming new music, there are “lean forward” experiences and “lean back” experiences. Thesixtyone manages to offer both.

Formerly a convoluted, music-focused social network, this year the Thesixtyone controversially relaunched as a site where musicians of all stripes, especially independent musicians, can interact with fans and peddle their tunes. The “new” scrapped a ton of clutter from its former iteration, paring down the entire site to its most fundamental and beautiful element: The music itself.

The new site offers a full-window music player that gives users as interactive or passive an experience as they desire, and the huge images and solid typography make the page a pleasure to behold.

The site’s new features also include mood-based listening, similar to what we’ve seen from MySpace’s new (and quite awesome) Romeo iPad app and Getty Images’ MoodStream.

While many users revolted, we have to give Thesixtyone a huge hand for creating such a simple and gorgeous showcase for independent music.”


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