How to get noticed: Go Viral | Google Demo Slam

11 Nov

I’ve spoken to many artists in the past discussing what they are trying to do to make it. The typical response is your standard band template, playing live show and writing more songs. Foundations yes, but nothing distinctive. [editor’s note: this isn’t remotely directed to one of my mates who messaged me!!!]

One simple and quick route to being noticed is to embrace the internet and the power to share content! Sucks if it’s your own music which you’re stubbornly hoping to make a buck on, but what if it’s not!?

I think covering popular songs of the moment is probably one of the most sure-fire ways to get exposure. Here a killer Beyoncé track, hit the studio, add some indie-math-core sounds  or some ikea-folk melodies and upload it to all the music sites you know!

You will be getting hits for anyone who searches the title of that popular song, but you will also grabbing the listener’s attention as they already love the original! From there, I’m sure they’re thinking “Ok, that was pretty damn sweet! Lets see what other tunes these bad boys have!”

There is however a second viral method hitting the underground web… Real-Time

You probably have seen it a bit through that Chat Roulette Piano guy, but real-time music seems to be making waves underneath. And who is taking it to the next level? Yeah you guessed it! Google!!!

Google’s Demo Slam

So this is pretty cool. It’s inventive and an education on how web 3.0 music entrepreneurs are working to get exposure. All you need is that one big break and you will have a whole digital army willing to give the rest of your (authentic) music a listen!

Click the picture or the link to check it out!


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