Q & A Interview: Fez

11 Nov
A few might already know, but a few months ago I discovered Fez through a friend’s recommendation. To cut the story short, we managed to get one of their tracks licensed with Victoria Secrets! Check it out here!  

Q&A is about the musicians within the music industry. Their thoughts on the digital landscape and how they are embracing the new landscape.

Interview: The Fez 

Do you think the digitalization of music is a blessing or a curse? Would The Fez be happy if their music was being downloaded illegally by hundreds of fans?

 As a music fan I view the digitalisation of music as a blessing – I think it’s great that I am able to read about a band and instantly hear their music and form an opinion.

 As a band member it is more of a double-edged sword. When we first released our EP online, free of charge, I was excited to see so many people downloading it from places as far and wide as Venezuela, Thailand, Romania, India, Ecuador, Chile, the Philippines – pretty much anywhere you can imagine and without the internet this just wouldn’t have happened.

We were happy to offer our music for free just to try to help it spread and to some extent this has worked. However at the same time I always thought that if we worked hard enough and for long enough we would one day be making a living from music but as time goes by I am not so sure. I found it quite funny that despite the EP being available for free officially it has still cropped up on a number of torrent sites.

Where do you see the music industry in 3 years time? Will anyone still be buying music and if yes, why so?  

I can’t see much changing within the music industry over the next 3 years, I don’t expect that the amount of people downloading illegally will rise but at the same time I don’t see it getting any better unless labels somehow manage to clamp down on those who do so.

What social media/digital marketing tools are you using to get your name out there? Is it working!?

Our EP is available at http://wearefez.bandcamp.com/ I would recommend this site to other bands – it’s easy to gain an understanding of who is listening/downloading your tracks and at the same time for your listeners to gain access to your music.

Often when I buy a cd it is due to a combination of wanting the physical copy complete with the artwork and not having the guilt that I get from illegally downloading. At the end of the day if someone doesn’t buy a band’s music there is a greater chance that they will be unable to continue making it.





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