SignMe To Roadrunner Records: Crowd-sourced A&R

12 Nov

From Hypebot: Roadrunner Records has launched a new service called SignMeTo. The idea behind the site is to allow fans and unsigned bands to take part in the A&R process. Users operate as scouts and seek out unsigned band profiles, rating them according to their preference. As users interact with and rate more artists, the amount of influence they have increases.


Such actions influence the charts on the site. Along the way, bands can also earn badges, some of which are handed out by real staff at the label. For instance, an unsigned artist gets a badge if enough scouts play their song or if an A&R rep reviews their album. At present, SignToMe has 12,000+ active band profiles, still better than Ping, and 32,000+ scouts. While there are ultimately no promises, if the right band caught the interest of Roadrunner Records, they could get signed. For rock, alternative, and metal bands, this site could be a good place to find more focused fans. Also, it makes A&R easy for Roadrunner too.


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