MySpace boards Facebook to avoid sinking (Video)

19 Nov

The once mighty MySpace is falling with Facebook being the arch-enemy turned best-friend. Deeper integration with Facebook is hoped to drive higher rates of traffic to the site. The sad truth is, almost all of their cards have been played including Project Futura – the big make-over hoped to mesmerize, lure and retain the once faithful ol’ crowd. Part of this collaboration will include letting users signs in to their Facebook accounts through their MySpace page. Check out the video!

“With a one-click setup, MySpace ports the likes and interest from a Facebook users’ profile and enables their stream to become immediately populated with all the entertainment content that they have already ‘Liked’ on Facebook,” MySpace CEO Mike Jones said on a conference call this afternoon. “Users also have the ability to tailor their own streams based on recommendations and trending topics bubbling up on Myspace while engaging with other fans that share the same interests and passions in music, celebrities, TV and movies.”

This is a dark period with owners, NewsCorp, contemplating a sale and the musicians who are the bricks-and-mortar of the site not bothering to update their existing profiles. It is clear to say the glory days of being a social destination are over, but they may stay relevant as an entertainment destination. A Mtv, maybe, for the kids of Web 2.0.


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