Design: Turn your Ipod Nano in to a Multi-Touch watch!

22 Nov

Have you ever thought how sweet it would be to turn your iPod in to a watch? Nah… neither did I! But thankfully Scott Wilson, who has designed for clients including XBox and Nike, has designed a new multi-touch watch based around the new iPod Nano!

Click below for more info!!!

With belief that the wrist is prime real-estate Scott has created a collection of well designed and engineered conversion kits to turn your Nano in to a multi-touch watch. There are two types, TikTok and Luna Tik,  a simple clip-in model and the latter being a premium kit for the Nano to be used as a  watch on a more permanent basis – click here to watch the video for more details on Kick Starter!

KickStarter is a crowd-sourced funding platform to help the creative ideas entrepreneurs create! Despite a $15,000 goal, with over 24 days to go, the multi-touch watch kits have generated almost $290,000 a great indicator of how succesful this product is bound to be!


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