New Music: Wild Orchid Children

6 Dec

One of the many projects created by members of recently reunited Gatsby’s American Dream, Wild Orchid Children are exploring beyond their pasts, as well as their influences. After the initial hiatus of Gatsby’s, a new group emerged called Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, drawing heavily on the sound of the likes of The Beatles. Kay Kay emerged with a “softer” sound, that focused on melody and orchestration. Created simultaneously as Kay Kay, Wild Orchid Children are a psychedelic, no-rules mass of sound acting as the evil twin in the birth of these two bands.

Imagine if the Beastie Boys grew up in the emo-indie scene, and started taking acid. The result would be very similar to what is found on the band’s first full length, Wild Orchid Children Are Alexander Supertramp.  The new album finds extended jams, lightening solos, and song titles and lyrics that proclaim Jesus was a black man, and Martha Washington once went to war. Within all the madness of Supertramp there is a cohesive album that makes sense by the end. Such is the case with the song “Ahead of Us the Secret”.


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