MySpace: We don’t care about selling music

9 Dec

At the LeWeb conference in Paris earlier this week, MySpace CEO Mike Jones seemed to give up on the potential of MySpace as a music service. The site has always been predominantly a site for checking out the sounds of bands.

“My goal is, you come to MySpace, you listen to some new bands and connect to those bands,” Jones told audience members. “I don’t want to be the place that replaces iTunes. I want to be the place where you learn about music and then take that to wherever your music consumption happens.”

I don’t see how any company would NOT want to be iTunes, the biggest music store in the world! With profits plummeting, a last desperate make-over, integrating with their arch-enemy Facebook and dwindling users monthly something needs to change. If I was to choose between a new look or monetizing from the business fundamentals there would be no decision! SillySpace.



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