Google Music: Tens of millions of dollars to launch a service to end all services?

16 Dec










Three months ago I wrote a post on Why You Should Look Forward to Google Music. Having been fortunate enough to go to Beijing and have a back-end tour of how the music site runs in China, I have struggled to contain my excitement ever since. And this was in October last year!

Its been over a year now and it looks like Google’s next step for internet supremacy is soon-coming. The labels have been very sceptical because having a service like this, on a platform like Google, is certain to reduce the value of a record to a new low. So what is Google’s answer to this minor hurdle!? Throw tens of millions of dollars at the labels and watch them scramble for the dotted line.

Hypebot reports that Google’s in-house music technology lawyer Elizabeth Moody has just started negotiating with music publishers regarding the service; in part because even big checks haven’t encouraged record labels to agree.  Publicly the labels say they want the service, but are concerned that lockers will also store pirated goods and contend that online storage constitutes an additional use that they should be paid for.


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