How much does Google Make? erm… $86.1m per day!

22 Dec

Google have just reported revenues of $7.29 billion for the quarter ending Sept 30, 2010, an increase of 23% compared to this time last year! That $7.29 billion over 92 days equates to roughly $86.1 million a day, so for all those sceptics thinking (wishing) Google’s bubble is soon to burst – keep dreaming.

To put this is in to better perspective, IFPI valued the entire US recording industry at $4.62 billion or $12.7 million per day. To break it down further, Warner Music Group posted revenues of $752 million over the recent quarter, down 12 percent year-over-year, and Universal Music Group posted recent-half revenues of $2.4 billion, down 7.9 percent.

So when we question why Google Music is struggling to break in to the US, maybe here lays the answer! But how long can these record labels hold out with Google willing to throw tens of millions of dollars at them to get things going!?


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