Qriocity: Sony’s Music Service

28 Dec

Not going to lie, I have been a little excited with the anticipated music service launch from Sony. With the iconic Walkman, their stamp on entertainment technologies and, of course, Sony BMG, I could only dream what synergistic techniques the Japanese lot could would come up. Well boy I was wrong.


*Bangs head on table* So the name has obviously been devised by some middle-aged men thinking their in touch with social trending simply due to owning the latest Katy Perry CD.  Clever play on words, I’ll give them that, but  it just screams “I am a sh*t product”. Now my rants don’t go unfounded, they are fuelled by lacklustre products and services in a market place that demands the very best in innovation. Sony, if anyone, is best positioned to fulfil these needs.

So here the low-down on Sony’s music service. Two options. Basic and Premium (sounds familiar?). In the basic plan, users can stream music by genre channels. The premium option allows users to stream songs on-demand, a la carte style. This will be at a cost of $9 a month, which isn’t too exciting considering the competition from the likes of We7, GrooveShark and Spotify.  Despite this charge there is no promise of an app coming out for iPhone users, which would suggest a service for Sony device users only. Shame I don’t have anything Sony. Oh, apart from my old-school Walkman.


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