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Korea’s blossoming industry: The Hallyu Wave

26 Jan

Kpop future talent: SNSD

K-pop is really coming over me this year. Not necessarily for the music, but the sheer success and growth of the industry. In a decade where the Anglo-American domination has been wallowing in a pool of self-pity, desperately looking to point the blame elsewhere, the Korean, and the entire SE Asia region, music industry has bloomed. Otherwise known as The Hallyu Wave.

K-pop consists of  electronic, hip-hop, rock and R&B music originating from South Korea, though its widespread popularity has gone far beyond the music to become a subculture for teens and young adults.This syngergised entertainment industry is what the Western industry lacks. Yes, Justin Bieber has an insane momentum at the moment, but it isn’t exploited and controlled in such a magnificent way.

The art of manufacturing a K-pop band starts very early. The apprenticeship is the universal strategy for nurturing girl groups, boy bands, and solo artists in the K-pop industry. To guarantee the high probability of success of new talent, talent agencies fully subsidise and oversee the professional lives and careers of trainees, often spending in excess of $400,000 to train and launch a new artist. This practice, which often lasts two years or more, trainees hone their voices, learn professional choreography, sculpt and shape their bodies through exercise, and study multiple languages all while attending school.

Record-Breaking/Kanye West respecting DBSK

And this is it. Breaking down those barriers and building more meaningful engagements between product and consumer. This fan-sourcing is merely being touch by companies such as Artist Arena which is reaping the benefits of VIP added value to live concerts.

This is only one example of how the rest of the world is doing business, but we should really stand-up and take notice with what is going right out there.


Spotify Signs First U.S. Music Deal with Sony

20 Jan

Spotify may finally be on track to come to the United States, as the startup has reportedly struck a deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

The deal will be similar to the ones Spotify already has in Europe, reports MediaMemo. In other words, you should be able to stream several hours of SME music for free, but have to pay to access the ad-free or mobile versions. Sony Music’s artists include AC/DC, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, OutKast and Michael Jackson.

Rumors about a potential deal surfaced last week. Spotify is also rumored to be in talks with another label, though it’s unclear which one.

While popular in Europe, Spotify has been unable to break the U.S. market due to the hesitation of the U.S. labels. They are not convinced that Spotify’s freemium model is economically feasible. Spotify also lost $26.7 million in 2009, giving labels more reason to doubt its profitability.

That looks to have changed, though. With Sony reportedly signed up, the other major labels could soon follow. Spotify will need at least one or two more record labels on its roster to have a large enough library for U.S. consumers. We’ll be watching and listening to find out who will be next to strike a deal with Spotify.

Beatles sells 5 million songs on iTunes

17 Jan

On November 16th G&C announced Beatles’ music collection was available on iTunes. Two months on, an iTunes representative can happily announce that more than 5 million songs and 1 million albums have been downloaded to date.

The Fab Four managed to sell 2 million of those songs and 450,000 albums in the first week alone! The Associated Press reports that the current best-selling Beatles album in the U.S. is Abbey Road, while the top song is “Here Comes the Sun.”

The Beatles 13 remastered studio albums, the two-volume “Past Masters” compilation and the “Red” and “Blue” collections are only available for digital download on iTunes worldwide. iTunes also has the exclusive rights to a special digital edition of the “Beatles Box Set” featuring the “Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964” concert film. Continue reading

iPhone: 10 Apps for Music Lovers

15 Jan

This post comes from Mashable

When you think back to the special moments in your life, it’s likely that there’s a song attached to each one: Your first dance at your wedding, the lullaby you played every night when you were putting your newborn to bed, the song that was playing in the car when you broke up with your first love. Any time you hear that song, you are whisked right back to the emotions you felt at that particular time, and its connection has been imprinted in your memory. That’s the power of music.

The technology available to us to make music an integral part of our lives is staggering, and luckily, it just keeps getting better. Whether you like to rock out on your iPod or you are still sporting a portable CD player (do those still exist?), music and its ability to transform moods is one thing that connects us all.

Everyone knows about PandoraPandora, and SpotifySpotify, but the following 10 apps, which have mostly flown under the radar, deserve props for making it easier for us to enjoy the music we love.

1. Audiogalaxy Mobile

audiogalaxy image

Are you one of those music hoarders who have thousands upon thousands of MP3 files on your iPhone, so much so that your library is starting to affect your storage capacity to the point where you can’t add new apps? If this sounds familiar and you are constantly picking and choosing which tunes to store and play on youriPhoneiPhone, then AudiogalaxyAudiogalaxy may be the answer for you.

This app gives you cloud-based access to your entire music library without the need for syncing your phone or worrying about space. After downloading the Audiogalaxy helper program and syncing your music library to your account, you are all set to stream your music to your iPhone. Audiogalaxy also enables you to access your music from any computer and a large number of other handheld devices.

Cost: Free Continue reading

K Pop: How to run a music industry

14 Jan

This post comes gloriously from my little sister. As an outrageous K pop enthusiast she has opened my eyes up to over cultures’ music industry.

This piece stresses the popularity of music in other territories and despite a detached wester-society to entertainment, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same rule applies elsewhere. Maybe instead of looking at what we’re doing wrong, lets look at what others are doing right?

Here is her piece:

The past few years has seen the Korean entertainment industry increase dramatically in popularity worldwide. Known as the ‘hallyu wave’, entertainment in Korea has drawn in millions of people worldwide mainly due to the catchy korean pop music (otherwise known as ‘k-pop’).

Continue reading

Vivienne Westwood designs new Brit Awards Statuette

13 Jan

As part of the biggest overhaul of the Brit awards since its inception, a new statuette was unveiled today.

Created by the influential British designer Vivienne Westwood, godmother of punk and grande dame of the UK fashion scene, it features a vintage-style union flag draped around the traditional statue, which wears a bronze helmet embossed with the Westwood logo.

Organisers of the awards have created a “blank canvas” trophy that will be restyled each year by leading British creative individuals.

The new chairman of the awards and CEO of Universal Music in the UK, David Joseph, said: “Vivienne stands for all the things we want to inspire in tomorrow’s generation of artists. She continues to be unique, innovative, not to mention massively inspired by music and vice versa. We are honoured she accepted our offer of designing 2011’s trophy.”

Full Story at

New Music: Jónsi (from Sigur Rós) | Go Do

11 Jan

Editor’s note: I am about to board a train to London and I am beyond excited to listen to this album in full as I watch the countryside go by.

Thanks to the wonderful Steve from Beggars Group (Good luck in the future!) I got this little gem in my inbox. Continue reading

RIAA unfit to govern: $90m+ spent on lobbying alone

10 Jan

The RIAA is the trust that represents the music industry and distributors in the US. Any regular follower of my blog would know my general dislike in how they operate.  Such past articles include:

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The fall and rise of the music video

9 Jan

Editor’s note: Sorry for my lack of posts recently. I had my laptop stolen. However, I am now a proud owner of a MacBook Pro so expect even more posts as I try to warrant these burnt pockets.

At its commercial peak, in the late 80s and early 90s, music and the music video simply gushed cash. Records were not just selling, but driving the industry to colossal heights. Videos were essentially another advertising channel for recorded music, supplied for free to music channels such as Mtv.

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New Music: Pigeon John | The Bomb

4 Jan


For most of this past decade it can remembered with the music industry against the ropes, ducking and diving, desperately avoiding that knock-out blow. But, like a Rocky montage, the show is only about to begin, so as we enter a new year lets come out swinging. *Ding ding* round 11 and welcome Pigeon John.

Hit random on my iTunes this morning and this little gem came blasting out. Turned my speakers up loud. Forgot, the lovely guys at Bank Robber Music sent me a beautiful digital hamper with some new and old tunes to enjoy! And boy am I enjoying them!

If you like the swinging sounds of Cee-Lo this is definitely someone you should be looking out for. With wit, charisma and a smooth flow I can’t help but say great things about Sunny Cal Hip-Hop Indie chap! Even Volkswagen loves this track!

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