RIAA unfit to govern: $90m+ spent on lobbying alone

10 Jan

The RIAA is the trust that represents the music industry and distributors in the US. Any regular follower of my blog would know my general dislike in how they operate.  Such past articles include:

So the latest news that RIAA has wasted over $90m on filing lawsuit does not come as a shock, but more as a continuous annoyance.

In 2000, the RIAA spent $4m in an attempt to curb file-sharing. That figure rose to $17.5m by 2009. These figures woud be perfectly fine if it wasn’t wasted on suing, which research has proven is a short-term fix which does reduce illegal file-sharing for the first few months after, but returns to normal activity rates 6 months later.

As mentioned in Why the RIAA needs to be put down, $50m was blown on a national campaign to tackle piracy. These efforts included suing dead people and innocent grannies. Mike Masnick of TechDirt makes this remark:

“Considering how often we hear people assume that correlation of file sharing stats to record label revenue means file sharing is the cause of the labels problems, shouldn’t they also claim that the more the RIAA spends on lobbying, the worse the labels do as well,” he questions. “Perhaps the answer for the record labels is to get the RIAA to stop lobbying.”


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