K Pop: How to run a music industry

14 Jan

This post comes gloriously from my little sister. As an outrageous K pop enthusiast she has opened my eyes up to over cultures’ music industry.

This piece stresses the popularity of music in other territories and despite a detached wester-society to entertainment, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same rule applies elsewhere. Maybe instead of looking at what we’re doing wrong, lets look at what others are doing right?

Here is her piece:

The past few years has seen the Korean entertainment industry increase dramatically in popularity worldwide. Known as the ‘hallyu wave’, entertainment in Korea has drawn in millions of people worldwide mainly due to the catchy korean pop music (otherwise known as ‘k-pop’).

K-pop is dominated by acts such as DBSK, BoA, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, Rain and SHINee who have not only conquered Korea but also the majority of South-East-Asian countries.

Along with the artists come their unique fanclubs each holding a symbolic name and thousands of dedicated fans who during their artist’s peformances, in harmony, shout their famous fanchants that shows their love and encouragement towards the artists. Check out DBSK’s amazing fans below:

To stress the popularity of K-Pop, DBSK currently hold the Guiness World Record for world’s biggest fanclub consisting of 500,000 members – and those are only the korean fans. Their fame and popularity have caused them to rise to the top of the charts in countries like Japan, Singapore, The Philippines and China. Three members of the group, JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have even been able to make it into American charts by ranking 5th in Billboard’s top 10 albums of 2010 poll results – not to mention also working with the internationally-known rapper Kanye West.

But it’s not just JYJ who have worked with a famous american artist, G-Dragon from the famous k-pop group ‘Big Bang’ has recorded a song with Flo Rida and the girl group 2NE1 have had the pleasure of recording songs alongside The Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am for their possible American debut album.

But it isn’t just the music, lively dances and fandom that has attracted so many foriegn fans. Like Japan is famous for Anime, Korea is famous for it’s TV dramas. The best of the dramas tend to be romantic comedies, romance or historical dramas such as You’re Beautiful, Queen SeonDeok, Boys Over Flowers, Stairway To Heaven and Full House. An exception is the hugely sucessfull action-thriller IRIS which stars Lee Byung-Hun, a famous Korean actor who played as Storm Shadow in the American movie G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The asian markets might never reach the greatness of the Anglo-American dominance 15 years back, but Hallyu Wave is doing something right. More than can be said for things back here.


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