Korea’s blossoming industry: The Hallyu Wave

26 Jan

Kpop future talent: SNSD

K-pop is really coming over me this year. Not necessarily for the music, but the sheer success and growth of the industry. In a decade where the Anglo-American domination has been wallowing in a pool of self-pity, desperately looking to point the blame elsewhere, the Korean, and the entire SE Asia region, music industry has bloomed. Otherwise known as The Hallyu Wave.

K-pop consists of  electronic, hip-hop, rock and R&B music originating from South Korea, though its widespread popularity has gone far beyond the music to become a subculture for teens and young adults.This syngergised entertainment industry is what the Western industry lacks. Yes, Justin Bieber has an insane momentum at the moment, but it isn’t exploited and controlled in such a magnificent way.

The art of manufacturing a K-pop band starts very early. The apprenticeship is the universal strategy for nurturing girl groups, boy bands, and solo artists in the K-pop industry. To guarantee the high probability of success of new talent, talent agencies fully subsidise and oversee the professional lives and careers of trainees, often spending in excess of $400,000 to train and launch a new artist. This practice, which often lasts two years or more, trainees hone their voices, learn professional choreography, sculpt and shape their bodies through exercise, and study multiple languages all while attending school.

Record-Breaking/Kanye West respecting DBSK

And this is it. Breaking down those barriers and building more meaningful engagements between product and consumer. This fan-sourcing is merely being touch by companies such as Artist Arena which is reaping the benefits of VIP added value to live concerts.

This is only one example of how the rest of the world is doing business, but we should really stand-up and take notice with what is going right out there.


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