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G&C will be getting a new facelift.

28 Feb

Hi guys,

Sorry for my poor performance recently on here! Things are hectic where I am. Due to a shift of focus, I  am going to be re-branding this blog to be more social media focused!

I am in a really exciting position, project planning Olympic digital campaigns and advertising campaigns for your favourite biscuits!

Stay tuned!


Guitar Hero: Activision has pulled the plug

14 Feb

We all know and love Guitar Hero. The hair metal tunes, the chinese-made guitars and those faux-drums were just so much fun. I could riff Muse like there was no tomorrow. However the franchise, which has been running for over five years now, has now stopped production of the series including DJ Hero and True Crime after disaapointing retail sales.

This comes within months of Viacom’s decision to rid itself of Rock Band which was losing them money. This still comes as a slight shock considering it once one of the biggest selling video games of the new century. Elaborating about the decision, Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, said: “We simply cannot make these games profitable based on current market and demands.”

The discontinuation of “Guitar Hero” will result in more than 500 lay-offs, most of which will come at the studios contributing to the series. These studios include Freestyle Games in the UK; United Front in Canada; and Bizarre Creations in Liverpool.

Bad times.

Is @twitter worth $10bn?

11 Feb

Hot off the press is the news Twitter is attracting takeover interest, estimated to be around the $8bn to $10bn mark. Twitter, with its 200 million users, has certainly revolutionised communication online, but this is still an extraordinary sum of money considering not only has the site is yet to turn a profit, but also hasn’t figured out a plan on doing so.

But despite a fundamental flaw as a business the micro-blogging platform is attracting a lot of interest by the inter juggernauts Google and Facebook, both having held “low-level” talks. And even the savviest investors in Silicon Valley are predicting Twitter’s estimation is only going to rise. Two months ago, the company raised $200m to fund its development, valuing the business at $3.7bn.

There is evidently a lot of faith and maybe I don’t see the profoundly bigger picture (else I’d be in Silicon Valley), but I just think $10bn is an insane amount. The only companies it does make sense for is Facebook and Google which can use Twitter in conjunction with their existing applications. But still… $10bn for a site that is yet to turn a profit?

How The Social Network should of ended

10 Feb

This video is a pretty cool/funny parody of The Social Network, the Facebook movie widely rumored to win tons of oscars. You should watch it to the end for its alternate ending, which we agree is better.

New Music: The Strokes | Under Cover of Darkness

10 Feb

There has been much excitement surrounding The Strokes’ long awaited release. especially on my behalf. Fortunately, we wait no more with the single, Under Cover of Darkness, available as a free download (legally) for 48 hours.

How to sell music: Katy Perry photoshopped!

9 Feb

Groupon’s superbowl controversy: who gives a twit?

8 Feb

Blogs have been alight with the anger towards Groupon’s Super Bowl ads, ads that poked fun at serious global issues such as deforestation and poverty stricken countries. If you have no idea what I’m chatting about check out some of the tongue-in-cheek videos below!

What struck a chord with me is the amount of outrage on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Blogs. Groupon, the daily-deal kings, brought on advertising firm CP+B to come up with the campaign which was aired during the Super Bowl and can be viewed via Despite the entertaining and evidently, very effective commercials, many groups have criticized the taste even going after the celebrities themselves.

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New Music: Surfer Blood | Twin Peaks

8 Feb

I am absolutely obsessed with this track. It’s a good wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee track! Have a listen!

Surfer Blood | Twin Peaks

Motorola’s sly dig at iPad – Empower the People (ad)

7 Feb

This advert is great! It pokes fun at Apple’s classic 1984 commercial inspired by George Orwell’s book… 1984.

…and for those who haven’t seen the original Apple advert.

Crowdsourcing rises up

6 Feb

The past ten days has went from autocracy through euphoria to fear of chaos. The few thousand people protested on January 25th escalated to a thrilling climax come February 1st with hundreds of thousands assembled in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.  All this time, accelerated by social media and the powers of crowdsourcing.

Whether it’s grouping together for that discounted day at the spa, calling upon pledgers to kickstart you latest business idea or a nation uniting to dislodge its ageing autocrats, crowdsourcing is to be thanked. Wikipedia describes Crowdsourcing as “the act of outsourcing tasks…to an undefined, large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call.” And there should be a particular focus on open. Content is king. Open is King.

With over 400m visitors a month and 17m articles in 270 languages, Wikipedia comes in to 2011 is a perrfect example, celebrating its tenth birthday and $16m raised in 50 days. With its emphasis on bottom-up collaboration and the broad dissemination of knowledge, the online encyclopedia is in many ways an incarnation of the fundamental values of crowdsourcing.

Though nothing revolutionary and rarely truly understood, as digital communities continue to become the social norm crowdsourcing will only grow, wielding more power in the process.

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