Career Change: Social Media Community Executive

4 Feb

I‘m not one for talking about myself on here, but its relevant to G&C’s future content so here is a little about current ‘ol me.

As any sole-contributing blogger will know, keeping a blog going is never easy. An innate passion and excitement in what I write is what keeps this going. That coupled with current campaigns with a sheer lack of foresight, lack of understanding, and no evidence of logic implied. I’m a strategist and a wanna-be economist.

Rewind a month or so back and my life was an absolute nightmare. Visa troubles, moving countries, having a pre-mid-life (actually I might be considered mid-life – cripes!) and trying to keep people’s eyes on the goal. Lucky for me, this all about to change. My drive has found a shiny new home. MEC Interaction.

I have been brought on as Social Media Community Executive, a position which I don’t quite get but a team which I am excited to be part of! Because of this, the emphasis might not be so much music specific, but more challenging the existing concepts being implemented in the digital environment. This is a new challenge for me and will, if nothing else, strengthen my arsenal of digital strategies.

Some of the topics I will be looking to cover in 2011 is the integration of  social media and music, how to make music valuable and what’s next. It’s a troublesome time for music and to be honest, unless ISPs help the cause the future is not looking too great. Please test and debate everything on here.


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