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Working in Social Media

13 Mar

It has been a complete whirlwind of a month, a wake-up call and a much-needed breath of fresh air. For those who follow this less than leisurely, most of my career has focused on the music industry. Mainly digital marketing and engagement in particular. This was until a phone call early January, “Is this Shea? I found your CV online and would love to put you forward for a position I have in mind. Tell me about your experiences in Social Media”.

Career Tip #1 – The internet is your business card, your portfolio. If you want to work in digital, you need to be seen in digital. Fundamentals are LinkedIN and a few other job recruitment sites such as Guardian, PFJ and Norton Leigh (the recruitment company that hunted me). Head hunters are out there and they search for suitable candidates through keywords. So when you write-up you pitch don’t go off on one about your aspirations and successes. One introductory sentence followed by keywords that address your key strengths and skills are far more effective!

Tip #2 – Create your own vehicle! If I was to give one tip to help with their first/next big step in their career it would be to fly solo. Recession + more graduates than ever = A ball ache finding a job. Economics 101 tells us we are pretty screwed for jobs. Supply outweighs demand, which calls for individuals to stand out more than ever before. One of the best ways to start getting the wheels in motion (cue John Barnes’ rap) is a blog. I won’t lie, it a lot of pain for little gain, but every little really does help. The only tip is write about something you really care about. Your blog will not last if your theme does not excite you!

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