Google+ for social media supremacy? It’s all about the C’s – Content, Convenience and Convergence.

6 Aug

I’d like to kick this off by thanking Robbo over at L-Robinson! I’ve slacked off a bit and her consistent publishing has put me to shame. Blogging becomes a lot harder when you actually have a proper job!

So in true nature, I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve. I really don’t get the hype over Google+. My contempt for the new social media contender tipped over the edge this morning with a poll from Mashable getting their readers to vote on who rules social media supremacy. Not sure when the poll closes, but unsurprisingly, Google+ takes the lead. But why!?

My personal opinion? I think many of these voters (i.e. digital savvy “strategists” & “consultants” with no fundamental marketing understandings) are simply sheep following the flock. I read so many blogs, LIE, the seldom digital blogs I have read (Robbo’s excluded) all seem to be emotionless copy and paste dribble. Mini-rant done.

Ok ok, I hold my hands up, I really do love some elements of Google+, in particular Google Circles which enables users to communicate to specific or all relationship circles very much like how you and I would do in real life. This really works for Google+ over the currently superior Facebook because you can organise friends into circles as you begin to add friends from a standing start. For Facebook, this may be a pain in the butt resulting in an half-arsed attempt to organise and categorise groups with the hundreds (in some sad cases thousands) of friends a Facebook user has.

Even this one great functionality doesn’t give it the right to be praised to such great heights. We live in an over-flowing world of information. Our brains were never designed to process so much data which our computers and smart-phones vomit at us daily. Our lives our now all about convergence. It’s why the smart-phone does so well, brands aim to connect with us emotionally and why every supermarket loves a meal deal. The same logic applies to social media and I can’t see Facebook stepping down anytime soon. Facebook will be the new News Corp. 

I could also rant about the app being crap and the fact they didn’t have an app for the iPhone when Google+ opened for business, but there’s a bigger picture to all this…

I’ll end this with a bit of food for thought. It’s all about the C’s – Content, Convenience & Convergence. Facebook may have cornered Social Media (and are now pushing into areas such as search…), but Google dominate the other corners of our digital lives. Who wins, doesn’t win just social media supremacy, but online supremacy.


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