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The QR Dilemma

18 Nov

Editor’s Note: I’ve published this so I’ll leave it up but having a few problems with the aesthetics! Bare with me!

Laura from i-robinson set down the challenge earlier this week. There has been a lot of excitement about QR codes of late with an equal dosage of the opposite. What Laura proposed in her post was QR codes ability to adopt colour and art to a pre-existing dull square, brands can now bring these graphic hot-links to life through other ways such as:

  • Hide clues within the QR code graphic and create a mobile game
  • Give audiences a choice of two QR codes to scan for different experiences/content
  • Individuals creating their own personal QR code which holds all their profile details – perhaps we will start seeing these used instead of profile pictures or added onto CV’s which direct employers to a candidates personal website?
This is a really interesting development for QR’s future and I am genuinely intrigued how brands adopt these. For one, to be more striking through colours and non 90-degree angles (to an extent) may attract a lot more attention. I believe there is a lot of opportunities for QR codes so I will watch this space …probably for not too long though.

Betfair takes QR codes to a new low

13 Nov

QR codes annoy the hell out of me. I would be in an even more irate state if it wasn’t for the beautiful John Lewis advert that has reminded me what it’s like to smile. And it’s lucky Adam & Eve made such a terrific video, because I saw the most hate worthy use of QR codes ever. In general, they’re pointless. A graphic hot-link that on scanning (if you have a smart phone, get what the hell QR codes are and understand how to scan the ugly squiggly square) accesses you to some additional content. Nothing a simple vanity url or a text opt-in (type Yes to 34#$%) can’t do. Despite this, it seems to be on every marketeer’s must be tech-savvy tick box for their 2011 bonus – and with Christmas coming up who doesn’t want a little change?

However, I can’t help but feel the minds at Betfair took the QR code hype a little too far…



12 Nov
  1. We are back @BAFTA again for #GoogleMEC
  2. #googlemec today! And we’re here super early
  3. Good luck to all at #googlemec today!
  4. “@CarlRead: very smart! Good luck #googlemec
  5. RT @chienwentong: 1 in 5 videos watched on #YouTube are referred from #Facebook #googlemec
  6. Gold jacket done, now watching Wix and Griff inspire with some great ‘ideas’ love the AT&T US example #googlemec no swearing yet….
  7. #googlemec looks pretty exciting! Wish I was attending! #justsaying
  8. Great talks from Google and MEC today at #GoogleMEC lots of takeouts thanks all!
  9. GR8T job thanks! > @BoyeB: And that’s it from me . Inspiring morning from MEC & Google. Off for lunch! #googlemec @mecideas @fitzyrichard
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