Betfair takes QR codes to a new low

13 Nov

QR codes annoy the hell out of me. I would be in an even more irate state if it wasn’t for the beautiful John Lewis advert that has reminded me what it’s like to smile. And it’s lucky Adam & Eve made such a terrific video, because I saw the most hate worthy use of QR codes ever. In general, they’re pointless. A graphic hot-link that on scanning (if you have a smart phone, get what the hell QR codes are and understand how to scan the ugly squiggly square) accesses you to some additional content. Nothing a simple vanity url or a text opt-in (type Yes to 34#$%) can’t do. Despite this, it seems to be on every marketeer’s must be tech-savvy tick box for their 2011 bonus – and with Christmas coming up who doesn’t want a little change?

However, I can’t help but feel the minds at Betfair took the QR code hype a little too far…



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