The beginning of the end for foursquare

18 Dec

I heard a really interesting fact in 2011. Last summer I was enjoying a Melt Bakery ice cream cookie at Hester Street Fair in LES, NYE and got chatting to Kareem, co-owner of MB and global consultant at Bloomberg. We got talking about foursquare and its value after rejecting a $50m buy out from Yahoo. I also used this question during my “Any questions?” section of my interview at my current social residence MEC. But it is a good question! What value does foursquare feel it holds and where is the big revenue stream to reject a $50m buy out?

Very infrequently I see foursquare check-ins pop up in my Twitter feed. Despite questions about vulnerability and privacy (You all remember Please Rob Me?) I think the concept is brilliant, and evidently, a popular one. Unfortunately, like any spark of digital genius, Facebook and Google are likely to steal it to make it their own.

Another problem with any new service or website is we, as consumers, are not able to digest that much information. Be it, the sheer amount of data that pops up on our screens daily or the amount of websites we genuinely visit regularly. This rings true with foursquare’s situation. Life is too hectic to keep track of multiple profiles so naturally we will funnel our engagement to only a few accounts and websites. One of which being Google and another Facebook. This means anything digital which hopes for continuous growth and longevity has to be at the least either; unique, relevant or fucking cool. All three and you’ve hit the jackpot!

Unfortunately foursquare is no longer unique and as a consequence no longer relevant (it can keep the cool badge) with Facebook’s check-in feature. If people can check-in on Facebook what is the benefit of using foursquare? I can’t help but feel this is the beginning of the end for foursquare’s popularity. Not even an incentivized badge can save them now.


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