Social Media Services: Social Bakers

24 Dec

Editor’s Note: As an early start to a pro-active 2012, I have decided to give Guerrilla and Chalk some value. Personal ramblings will still be at the core, but I will now start feeding in thoughts and overviews of the many suppliers I meet up with on a weekly basis.

Social Bakers | Social Media Content Management & Analytics

You know a service is bound to be good when its recommended by Facebook and in true fashion, they are rarely wrong. Social Bakers has been growing over the years picking up a lot of its business from Eastern Europe where the company itself originates. Like SB’s there are many social content management services / platforms available, but what makes social bakers stand out is its analytics. Combined, it’s a very attractive package the likes of Buddy Media and Conversocial will not like one bit. Check the video below.

It’s content management system has all the standard features you would typically expect; scheduling post to automatically publish at your choosing, profanity filters & team escalation processes. I do particularly like the fact you can include images in scheduled posts which you cannot do in some others. Still waiting for a system that can schedule Facebook questions though. Come ‘on Facebook!!!

The holistic service is certainly made more attractive with its analytic tools which features are music to any clients’ ears. Instead of screen grabbing or faffing around with a downloaded .CSV file of Facebook data, Social Bakers pulls in all your data into a very attractive pdf file in just a few clicks. It is actually incredibly simple to do and extremely pleasing and clear to look at and understand!

However what SB does that NO OTHER service seems to do (feel free to contact me if I am wrong) is pull in data from competitor’s pages. This is actually very cool; we’re talking page growth, number of posts in a month, the types of posts, the responses to those posts, identifying key advocates of those pages and bench-marking all this against your own client for one-on-one performance tracking! Clients always ask me, how is this brand doing, what do you think of this current activation, how did we do against brand X, Y & Z in this month? I’m sure the community managers and analytics heads out there will appreciate this!

Overall, for the small price it costs (particularly if you buy in bulk) this is a great piece of kit to help you keep on top of community management and reporting! Get in touch through here or via @SheaWarnes on Twitter if you have any questions or want to find out more!


2 Responses to “Social Media Services: Social Bakers”

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  2. workingmediagroup August 7, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    appreciate your efforts and the pattern of content management you follow is very good. It will be a great help in media planning.

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