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Growing a Facebook page: Is it more than just content and engagement?

15 Jan

Editor’s note: If you’re interested purely in what the title outlines and not another rant by me feel free to skip the next paragraph!

I’m not gonna lie, the last hour on LinkedIn has really riled me. I love a debate, a bit of thought-provoking, a bit of “out-of-the-box” intelligence. You’d think LinkedIn would be a brilliant place for facilitating that: experts in every field from all corners of the world sharing their thoughts to other like-minded professionals. Unfortunately, it seems that group members just like to regurgitate the last thing they read in a blog post. There’s nothing wrong with blog posts, especially this gem you’ve fixated your eyes on, but I believe it is important to use many sources to form an opinion, not just echoing other thoughts. *cough*

I guess it’s best by starting from the core out. What is good community management? Not broadcasting but listening to your community? yes. 2-way engagement? Yes. Enriching a page with quality and engaging content? YES! Brilliant. Now we’ve got the fundamentals out-of-the-way let’s look a little deeper into organic growth.

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