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Where does Instagram go now?

18 Mar

As a user I frickin’ love Instagram. With its simplicity in both navigating and publishing coupled with the sheer volume of stunning content what is there not to love? Earlier this month it was reported Instagram now has 27 million users (up 15m from last year) and for a platform that’s only 2 years young it gets people very excited. What’s more, beyond making images look gorgeous its real beauty lays in its easiness to network people across the world with a growth rate pretty much unrivaled in the mobile world. A soon to be released Android app will only help rocket growth though with numbers comes the question of monetising.

This, like most social network start-ups, focus on growing a user-friend experience with the intention of integrating revenue streams at a later date. Facebook and Twitter are prime models of this. Now Instagram has a global network probably hitting the 40m+ by the this time next year and a new round of fund-raising valuing the company at an ambitious $500m where do they go now?

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Social Media: From platform to dashboard

10 Mar

“And I thought there was no more space for any more social media platforms in my life and then Pinterest comes along” sums up the current social media climate up nicely. This post came into my Facebook feed this morning and to be honest I feel the same way: despite the amount of effort it takes to feed, engage and interact with multiple communities on a plethora of platforms that already exist Pinterest has managed to somehow wiggle itself into our time-strained lives. How long this last beats me but one thing is for sure – we will all be turning to dashboards to engage very soon.

The emergence of intelligent dashboards which pulls in and decides which content is worth checking out are becoming to pop up all over the shop. From ZeeBox (championing Social TV by sourcing the most popular TV conversations on Twitter to join in)  to Flipboard (pulls in your social activity as well as your favourite blogs and news sources in such a beautiful way). However there is one dashboard out there that I think trumps all of this. Facebook.

TheFacebook started off purely as a network to perve on stay-in-touch with your friends

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Social Strategy: Keep It Simple

4 Mar

It’s been just over a year since I began working in Social Media for MEC. An anniversary marked with Sunday Times today ranking us 21st best company to work for. This past year I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in many brand campaigns at one stage or another and if there was one learning to take from my experience so far it would be Keep It Simple.

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