Social Strategy: Keep It Simple

4 Mar

It’s been just over a year since I began working in Social Media for MEC. An anniversary marked with Sunday Times today ranking us 21st best company to work for. This past year I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in many brand campaigns at one stage or another and if there was one learning to take from my experience so far it would be Keep It Simple.

It seems some great social campaigns of recent such as Old Spice Guy, Skittles’ Personality & Nike’s ‘Write the Future‘ though inspire give the illusion it is that easy to emulate with equal success. Dialogue, media support, time and budget have been seriously invested into these to create a clear message for audiences to connect and latch on to. However, the majority of brands are not quite there yet (be it understanding or balls) to be championing these big transmedia campaigns.

Editorial Lead for TV & iPlayer Social Media and creator of Off the Wall podcast, Dan Biddle, put this perfectly in the sliding scale he called “Meh to Yeah”. On one side you have the simple activations of a “Like this”, “Retweet that” and “Follow him” which is easy to connect with and thus many will engage. On the Yeah, these are the most elaborate, NFC-enabled piece of gamification which may pick up a few headlines, but will only connect with the most die-hard fans and geeks. Now those yeah campaigns can work like the big brands have shown, but only with a lot of groundwork put in place.

So for now it’s about showing the beauty of social through performance – growth, interactions, sentiment and advocacy. Social media is a scary world for most marketers who don’t quite get it so being able to show results from the simplest activations will give confidence and encourage further investment to create the kick-ass campaigns we all want to see. The fun times will come but until then Keep it Simple!


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