Social Media: From platform to dashboard

10 Mar

“And I thought there was no more space for any more social media platforms in my life and then Pinterest comes along” sums up the current social media climate up nicely. This post came into my Facebook feed this morning and to be honest I feel the same way: despite the amount of effort it takes to feed, engage and interact with multiple communities on a plethora of platforms that already exist Pinterest has managed to somehow wiggle itself into our time-strained lives. How long this last beats me but one thing is for sure – we will all be turning to dashboards to engage very soon.

The emergence of intelligent dashboards which pulls in and decides which content is worth checking out are becoming to pop up all over the shop. From ZeeBox (championing Social TV by sourcing the most popular TV conversations on Twitter to join in)  to Flipboard (pulls in your social activity as well as your favourite blogs and news sources in such a beautiful way). However there is one dashboard out there that I think trumps all of this. Facebook.

TheFacebook started off purely as a network to perve on stay-in-touch with your friends

If you’ve been a Facebooker of many years you’d of no doubt noticed the changes to the layout and the content you get exposed to. Of recent, the high-profile partnerships with Spotify and Guardian solidify Facebook’s intent as a one-stop destination for your daily social fix. Pretty much every news site and blog has a Facebook button ensuring friends will share with you the best content out there, the Spotify app removes any need to search elsewhere for new music with your most trusted source, friends, publishing the cool and classic tunes around and even quality journalism is ticked-off with the Guardian app pushing out the trending stories via your friends. Oh, and partnering with Bing to curve Googlers to do this from Facebook’s own search bar.

With such dominance I can’t help but think that all these other platforms have two choices going forward to continue to remain relevant in such a fractured space – Integrate with Facebook and own their area (unless Facebook decided to do that for them – take the dying FourSquare example) or begin working with another dashboard player to create a super dashboard from which you can manage and receive all your separate social media profiles from Pinterest to Yelp to Wikipedia to Twitter. I look forward to the boom in social dashboards and the creativity that will come with it, just a question of who is going to step up to the plate now.


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