Chirpify: Pay with a Tweet

1 May

Yes I know social payments is a bit of a yawn, but boy does this one have some backbone to it! There have been many social transaction models over the past couple of years from a simple Retweet to win to Facebook coins to influencer perks but the clever chaps at Chirpify have taken social payments to another level with a pretty solid purchasing model ready to further erode digital wallets all over the world (if NFC wasn’t damaging enough to our intangible savings!) 

The beauty is in simplicity. Chirpify syncs with your Pay Pal account turning your Twitter profile into an e-commerce channel. This could be used for various opportunities including selling goods, raising money for charity (click to sponsor my Snowdon climb here: or to send a direct payment. The great news too is Chirpify is hear for the long-haul with $1.3m raised to help expand the Twitter platform. Back of the net!

Despite a few logistical barriers such as stock limits and determining variables such as size & colour (all I’m sure will be remedied), this is a great concept that will undoubtedly mean a lot of new opportunities for companies and artists to start making money through social media. I look forward to following Chirpify’s progress though a particular interest will lie in how the likes etsy, Facebook Commerce and GroupOn will react accordingly!


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