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Why brands should be on Twitter

17 Jun

Twitter has come a long way since July, 2006. Now boasting a network of 140 million strong (UK 10m) and a revenue model that doesn’t disrupt the user’s experience I hold nothing but excitement for the microblogging service. Here are a few reasons why brands should be on Twitter:

Open Conversations

Twitter is completely open for you to join in any conversation. You don’t need to be following the user and finding conversations threads of interest are only a few clicks away. For example, you want to check out conversations about the European Championships you can search #Euro2012 to see a plethora of posts (tweets) coming through. From there you can strike up a conversation with some like-minded users. It really is that simple. If you’re craving an instant hit of chatter  Twitter’s trends bar is a great source for this.

The beauty is in the simplicity of engagement. A community that in tuned in for a bit of a natter (as opposed to Facebook where we tend to look at photos and catch-up with friends). And if it easy enough for Joe Bloggs to jump into conversations this opens up a whole host of opportunities for brands!

Twitter Ads

There are 175 million tweets a day. Over 475 million accounts. Exposure may be a little hard to come by but Promoted Trends, Promoted Accounts & Sponsored Tweet give brands opportunities to leverage their exposure for targeted audiences to see. Try integrating Twitter’s advertising services with bursts of campaign activity (think Superbowl or Mtv Awards) for optomised results. 

A tweet is not a tweet

Recent updates to the Twitter platform have seen a tweet extend to hosting videos and images. Compliment your story-telling with rich content for Tweets that pack more weight than the standard 140-character filled messages.

People will talk. Twitter will talk.

Simply put, if your product or service offering is awesome people will talk about it and people will talk about it on Twitter. Facilitate, participate and amplify these conversations to help build deeper relationships with your fans.

Twitter Events

The recently publicised Twitter Events provides a hub for conversations around a particular event or celebration. NASCAR, a recent social-media advocate, is one of the first brands to example this service with photos and tweets from all perspectives of the sport. Algorithms and curation help source and showcase the content in a very visual and appealing way. Brands should look at this closely with thoughts on how they can not just show leadership of their own brand on social but how they can can champion particular events and occasions.

So it is all about Twitter?

No it is not you big dummy! Just as it is not just all about Facebook, brands need to start somewhere but should be looking to build an eco-system. Think of social strategy this way… Social ideas not social platforms.

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