The final days of disruption marketing

20 Oct

There are plenty of reasons why digital is an appealing channel for marketers; new audiences to connect to, opportunities to create immersive experiences for customers, converting consumers into brand advocates, low-cost mass reach to name a few. This should set the groundwork for brands to build campaigns of entertainment and relevance yet we seldom see it.

From the early days of pop-ups to the HPTO’s making web browser go batshit cray and behavioural targeting which comes across more creepy than useful, a need to interfere with your existing way of working seems top of the agenda. It is this laziness in message-saturated ad land that see many brands break glass and press disrupt in emergency through fear of not standing out.

These days however people are better equipped to control their media environments and ultimately decide what to digest. There are browser apps to block those pesky ad-served windows and VoD services allowing viewers to watch what they want when they want. What content populates a user’s news feed (and what doesn’t) can be decided in a few clicks. As AMC’s Josh Sappan puts it, we’re making the transition from appointment to connection TV – when audiences become divorce from the constraint of linear and empowered by the digital age to get their favourite content. And it is that luxury of choice that will influence a shift in the way brands approach digital communications. 

We see flickers of excellence all around and you know what? Even disruption itself can be bloody great. Take Project Luke as a first class example of interruption with a purpose and meaning. Just like your year 10 English teacher preached, it’s about quality not quantity. As long as you hit your 2,000 word count.


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