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How bands can make money

26 Oct

I recently read on that from music licensing to online collaboration to becoming sponsored on a torrent site, these are all real ways that bands can make money online without the help of a major label. Here is a look at the services but click over to get more insight:

Jingle Punks is a music licensing company that specializes in providing pre-cleared music for use in various media productions.

Indaba Music is an online collaboration tool that enables musicians to team up across the globe and also work on commerical projects.

YouTube’s Musicians Wanted Program enables musicians to earn money from advertising that runs before and during videos.

BitTorrent Featured Artist Program spotlights artists and gives them instant global distrobution and exposure to new audiences.

TheTapMusic helps network artists and brands to offer exciting licensing opportunities with big brands


Lexus’ music video: If cars could play drums

9 Sep

Mom was always telling you to keep it down.  But in a non-descript hangar somewhere, a professional driver, film crew and a team of audio specialists and engineers were recently cranking it up.  After all, playing 122 different drums using only a moving Lexus can be a noisy affair, especially when lots of screeching, crashing (of cymbals), and remote pedal-tapping is going on (see below). 

The resulting “Music Track” spot is part of a much larger marketing stab by Lexus, one focused on precision.  “We wanted to create a dynamic way to illustrate the IS’s agility on the road,” relayed Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus.

And of course, the marketing blitz also involves music – and that includes a plum advertising slot with Pandora (more details ahead).  Outside of that, the new IS could be hard to miss, thanks to partnerships involving the NFL, YouTube, Yahoo, C|Net, and Esquire, among others.  Now, about that price tag…  

Every Little DOES Help.

7 Sep

Tesco, the global-branded UK-based supermarket is once again stepping up its emergence as a key player in the entertainment industry after it was announced that Girl’s Aloud singer Nadine Coyle will exclusivly distribute her debut album through over 1,200 Tesco stores in the UK and Ireland.

This comes during a time whereby increasingly more artists are looking at gaining maximum control over the music they produce and how it can be fed to the consumers. Coyle was one; “To be able to create an album where you are in complete creative control and to work with people as supportive, powerful and forward thinking as Tesco is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an artist,” she stated.

Coyle follows artists including Simply Red and Faithless who have followed this model of exclusively distributing physical releases through Tesco.

Whether or not this turns out in Nadine Coyle’s favour remains to be seen. However, as conventional record label models become less attractive and with the sheer marketing power of Tesco – you have to think she couldn’t be any worse off? It certainly wasn’t a bad route for Faithless, who after agreeing the deal with Tesco two years ago, saw their album chart at No.2.

Rough Trade Bosses Asks Twitter – Where Should We Open A New Store?

4 Sep

One of London’s leading independent record shops is currently looking to expand it’s chain and from the looks of things, Dublin is the city of choice!

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Watching Wiley – Grime MC goes live on Ustream

3 Sep

Wonder what it would be like to watch your favourite musician online 24/7??? Well the godfather of Grime has been filming himself on Ustream. Wiley is notorious for speaking his mind regardless of who it might offend and this is why it makes essential viewing!!

Click here to view Wiley

Sex Pistols’ Perfume Endorsement: Never Mind (Washing) The Bollocks

2 Sep

This is almost definitely going to turnout to be a joke or a PR stunt but according to NME, Punk rock legends The Sex Pistols are releasing their own brand of perfume and soap!!

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