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Label Of The Week: Mute Records

30 Sep

Last week on twitter, @Roughtradeshops had tweeted ‘Welcome Home Mute’.  For those who didn’t know what that meant, it was a response to the news that Mute had become independent once again.

The label was started in the post punk era of 1978 by Daniel Miller who initially used the imprint to release singles by his band ‘The Normal’.   The DIY attitude of the previous generation was clearly inspiring as ’78 was the also the year that Rough Trade Records, Ace Records and Factory Records were founded.  In 1980, after Miller’s own singles became successful, he decided that Mute would begin to sign other artists.  This move would soon prove to be the right one as Mute would go on to release some of the biggest electro-pop records of the 1980’s.
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Label of the Week – Ninja Tune (and Big Dada)

22 Sep

Every week from now on I’ll be discussing a record label that I feel has contributed something special to the music industry.  Indie label Ninja Tune has recently celebrated their 20th birthday and as I’ve also interned with this company, it would obviously be a good idea to start with these guys.

In the late 80’s Jonathan Moore and Matt Black were churning out the hits by cutting up funk breaks and hip hop and making their own signature style of electronic dance music.  The now legendary duo also known as Coldcut decided to set up Ninja Tune in 1990 and have went on to release some of the most cutting edge music in electronica and hip hop, earning them and Ninja Tune a cult following.
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