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Katy Perry appearance on Sesame Street pulled by PBS

25 Sep

Today I got an email from fellow G&C contributer Shea asking me to stick up a recent video of Katy Perry appearing on Sesame Street. I initially thought he may have some sick hand-puppet fetish he wanted to share with us, but the clip actually has some relevance!

The video, which shows Katy chasing after Elmo while performing her song Hot N Cold, has been pulled apparently due to Katy’s choice of clothing. The video, however, will still continue to be shown online and from looking at her dress, their reaction may be slightly OTT… Smell a publicity stunt anyone??!!

Miss Perry joins the long list of celebs to appear on the show which includes David Beckham (giving spelling lessons!), R.E.M., Feist, and west coast gangster rapper Ice-T, mainly known for his track ‘Cop Killa’.

She will not however be the only musician whose episode has been removed from circulation as Chris Brown also received the same treatment for notoriously beating up his then girlfriend Rhianna…. Shame he didn’t do the same to Elmo!


Vevo – Has YouTube’s Evil Brother worked?

11 Sep

Vevo definitely hasn’t made many friends since its in launch in 2009. The ad based alternative to YouTube had been set up to create extra revenue for content owners and has been sneakily placed into the YouTube website, causing annoyance to many users.

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1 Sep

I never thought creating a URL and title for this blog would cause me so much grief. Is lacking one ‘r’ gonna come back and happy slap me round the face? – I decided I didn’t want to find out, so with Matt barking down my ear, I have moved over all the content ( 1 and a half posts) to this grammatically correct site.

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