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Devlin – Right move by Island A&R’s?

3 Nov

Long time no speak G&C! Fortunately Shea has been holding down the fort and regularly posting!

I wanna bring to your attention an artist that you should all be aware of, his name is Devlin.  I’d imagine a lot of industry eyebrows were raised last year when Island Records signed possibly the most underground grime artist around.  The MC from East London has dropped his debut album (Bud, Sweat and Beers) on Monday and I’m still debating whether it was the right business decision by the label to take such as risk.

I’ve listened to Devlin’s music for about three or four years now and this album has concreted the fact that at only 21, he’s without a doubt on of the best lyricist to come out of the UK.  He’s nowhere near as poppy as tinchy, tinie tempah or professor green and I’m not sure however if the mainstream is ready for him just yet. I was infuriated to find that in the NME’s review, they could only muster up some weak negative comments including an extremely cliché / borderline racist Eminem comparison.

It’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, like it is mine but I have to say that the a&r at Island Records definitely has a lot balls…  I salute you whoever you are!

Check out one of my favourite tracks from the album ‘Days and Nights’


Pirate Radio

1 Oct

I finally got round to watching Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked – UK) and apart from a super shitty ending I thought it was a great film that captured the essence guerrilla piracy. In a good way.

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