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Kanye West responds to George Bush!

15 Nov

It was a media storm during the Hurricane Katrina events when Kanye West outright said on national TV, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. Ex President, George Bush, recently released his memoir, in which, it speaks about that time. According to Mr. Bush “It was one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency”.

For all in and out of the loop watch the video with Kanye on The Today Show below!


There is no money in the music industry: Are we all in it for the money though!?

2 Nov

It is a cold Tuesday morning here in NYC and on the typical walk from LES to Chelsea I notice all the boys and girls in their fancy suits and dresses. Money is evidently a huge motivator for people, the root of all evil some will tell you. It got me sighing – if only music was still swimming in pools of cash. But I am comfortable with that. My motivator is the challenges this industry faces. I love a challenge. So I think, is less money maybe a good thing?

Everyone moans there is no money in the music industry. I am one of them. I understand the problems that come from this; less money to reinvest in new artists, less risk-taking for new music, less money for artists’ creativity and intellectual property etc. Everyone needs a pay cheque and rightly so. How much of a pay cheque do we really need to do our dream jobs though?

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Mashable’s best music website design award: The Sixty One

1 Nov

Mashable, the popular tech-savvy blog, named The Sixty One as their best music site for web design. With so many emerging sites for listening to music it is difficult to distinguish one site from another. has managed this with a different kind of listening experience. Here is what mashable had to say:

“When it comes to consuming new music, there are “lean forward” experiences and “lean back” experiences. Thesixtyone manages to offer both.

Formerly a convoluted, music-focused social network, this year the Thesixtyone controversially relaunched as a site where musicians of all stripes, especially independent musicians, can interact with fans and peddle their tunes. The “new” scrapped a ton of clutter from its former iteration, paring down the entire site to its most fundamental and beautiful element: The music itself.

The new site offers a full-window music player that gives users as interactive or passive an experience as they desire, and the huge images and solid typography make the page a pleasure to behold.

The site’s new features also include mood-based listening, similar to what we’ve seen from MySpace’s new (and quite awesome) Romeo iPad app and Getty Images’ MoodStream.

While many users revolted, we have to give Thesixtyone a huge hand for creating such a simple and gorgeous showcase for independent music.”

Sony discontinues The Walkman

25 Oct

I didn’t think they were still in production either, but it is true. Sony has announced retirement The Walkman.

More than 30 years after its unveiling in 1979 and after selling 220 million of them, Sony have stopped production in Japan and expect the last batch of the cassette Walkman to be sold out for good soon.

A spokesman for Sony said: “There is still demand in certain regions, including emerging markets, but in Japan there has been a shift to other forms of recording media.

“But there is still residual demand for tape players and while we are phasing out the tape version of the Walkman here [in Japan], tape as a format is still around and we will continue to sell tape decks for as long as the market is there.”

Feeling Nostalgic: Here was my first ever Walkman. R.I.P.

Mosh Potatoes: Megadeath, Guns ‘n Roses, Anthrax and Pantera’s cook book!

22 Oct

I really don’t know what to say….

Cook Out With Your Book Out!!!

Why hotels should get on board

20 Oct

Our company is very close to launch with some final tweaks being put in to place. In an attempt to get things running as smooth as possible before BETA testing, many different bodies have walked through our office doors to offer their advice as well tennising (I made that word up) ideas around. The characters vary in stature and expertise, but all have their own stories of how they got to where they are or how they are making it happen. SEO specialists, singer songwriters, managers of rock legends such as KISS, record store owners, music consultants and even model-aspiring Israeli sisters have came  in to have a chat (that’s another story for another time).

All these visits have been a huge help molding our platform, but its their experiences which is what has blown me away. Everyone knows that the music industry is in tatters, desperate to clamber back to the great heights it once was. Many small entrepreneurial companies have led the way and thankfully slapped these majors round the face to accepting the new playing field for doing business.

I will be sharing these stories on a regular basis of others doing something a bit different. One that stands out is the beautiful Mary C. A talented soul/jazz singer working the New York circuit. Recently through friends she managed to get hooked up with the Marriott to play a series of shows at selected Marriott Hotels. Which started off as a small banner ad promoting one show has developed in to a full scale tour. But that is it. This got me thinking…

Why don’t hotels adopt the Starbucks models!? It makes so much sense! Wealthy demographics with huge disposable incomes at the industry’s disposal. Play the music in the main lobby, restaurant and the restrooms, put the album out on display on the counter and own exclusive distribution rights to the music! Hey Presto!

Katy Perry appearance on Sesame Street pulled by PBS

25 Sep

Today I got an email from fellow G&C contributer Shea asking me to stick up a recent video of Katy Perry appearing on Sesame Street. I initially thought he may have some sick hand-puppet fetish he wanted to share with us, but the clip actually has some relevance!

The video, which shows Katy chasing after Elmo while performing her song Hot N Cold, has been pulled apparently due to Katy’s choice of clothing. The video, however, will still continue to be shown online and from looking at her dress, their reaction may be slightly OTT… Smell a publicity stunt anyone??!!

Miss Perry joins the long list of celebs to appear on the show which includes David Beckham (giving spelling lessons!), R.E.M., Feist, and west coast gangster rapper Ice-T, mainly known for his track ‘Cop Killa’.

She will not however be the only musician whose episode has been removed from circulation as Chris Brown also received the same treatment for notoriously beating up his then girlfriend Rhianna…. Shame he didn’t do the same to Elmo!

Why the RIAA needs to be put down.

21 Sep

I agree heavy downloaders and especially uploaders of copyrighted content should be punished. I agree drastic measures need to happen. But the RIAA, with the wonderful aid of the majors, got us in to this mess with no evident progressive steps since.

Its an old governing dog incapable of learning any new tricks. RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is that stereotypical Chinese mother smacking her child round the head every time a hand goes in to that cookie jar. There is one way of educating and one way only. Punishment.

I understand why they have to do this. Music is dependent on money from its intellectual property. Artists need to eat. Royalties put food (and often coke) on the table. It’s how the music industry has always functioned. And it always will be – surely?

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Lexus’ music video: If cars could play drums

9 Sep

Mom was always telling you to keep it down.  But in a non-descript hangar somewhere, a professional driver, film crew and a team of audio specialists and engineers were recently cranking it up.  After all, playing 122 different drums using only a moving Lexus can be a noisy affair, especially when lots of screeching, crashing (of cymbals), and remote pedal-tapping is going on (see below). 

The resulting “Music Track” spot is part of a much larger marketing stab by Lexus, one focused on precision.  “We wanted to create a dynamic way to illustrate the IS’s agility on the road,” relayed Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus.

And of course, the marketing blitz also involves music – and that includes a plum advertising slot with Pandora (more details ahead).  Outside of that, the new IS could be hard to miss, thanks to partnerships involving the NFL, YouTube, Yahoo, C|Net, and Esquire, among others.  Now, about that price tag…  

What is iTunes Ping?

6 Sep

Amongst announcing a revamp in all areas of the Apple family, iTunes 10 will now be adopting a new music-focused social networking platform called Ping. A quick tour of Ping from Technica does show a lot of promise at face value, but some features are still too confusing leaving a lot of room for improvement.

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